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Loader Cranes

Loader Cranes

PALFINGER’s main product is the hydraulic knuckle boom crane, renowned for its user friendliness and high efficiency. With more than 100 models and a market share of more than 30 per cent, PALFINGER is the world market leader in this segment.

As the name suggests, these cranes can be mounted on any available truck chassis, on the front or the rear side of the cargo body. These cranes impart power of self loading and unloading to the truck in turn saving on time and cost. Now there is no need to hire Pick and Carry cranes at loading and unloading points. Whether it is simple loading and unloading or doing specific jobs like earth drilling, brick stack handling, lifting human being to a height, pole erection – PALFINGER Truck Mounted Cranes deliver their best.

Loader cranes are used for loading and unloading trucks and other vehicles. The crane is mounted either behind the cab or at the rear of the vehicle and is hydraulically driven by the engine of the vehicle via an oil pump. The crane consists of a base that is directly mounted on the truck frame. On the base frame is the crane column, which is connected to the main boom, either directly or via a linkage system. Another linkage system connects the main boom with the knuckle boom. A crane can be equipped with a maximum of nine hydraulic booms. The crane’s outreach may be further expanded through a fly jib. Additional equipment (cable winch, rotator, grapple, pallet fork) makes loader cranes even more widely applicable. The crane models have a lifting capacity of up to 30 tonnes. The cranes are controlled via a control panel directly on the base or via radio remote control.

For decades, PALFINGER has been a pioneer in technology and product innovations, such as the Power Link Plus double linkage system, the active oscillation system (AOS) or the intelligent High Performance Stability Control (HPSC). PALFINGER has had a significant influence on the markets and on future developments, also due to its state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

PALFINGER’s knuckle boom cranes open up a wide range of applications, giving users optimum support also in extreme conditions.

Production: Lengau (AT), Cherven Brjag (BG), Tenevo (BG), Maribor (SI)

Assembly: Lengau (AT), Köstendorf (AT), Niagara Falls (CA), Cadelbosco di Sopra (IT)

Main industries: Construction, transport logistics, emergency services, municipalities, waste management, landscape gardening, military, mining, events, inspection/maintenance/cleaning of buildings, structures and heavy machinery, leasing and rental business

Length of time in the portfolio: Since 1964; currently in the market are more than 100 models that can be tailor-made to meet customers’ specifications.

Markets: World-wide. Europe continues to be the main sales market for PALFINGER’s loader cranes; the greatest growth potentials are in North and South America, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia.

Market position: Market and technology leadership, loader crane no. 1

Application of Possibilities:-

A Trcuk loader can be used to lift large variety of loads different in geometry, shapes and sie. Truck loader cranes are normally used when loading, transportation and unloading of material is done over a short distance with multi trips a day. While the application are varied, few examples are given below.

With its wide range of lifting capacity and reach possibility and with its versatile functional aspect, truck loader cranes can be utilised across the industry and application. A truck loader crane becomes particularly effective when good needs to be transported within limited lead distance. Like:-

  • Contrcuction Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Electrical Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Cargo & Logistics Industry
  • Brick Industry
  • Timber / Recycle Industry
  • Hack Loader
  • Tailift Industry
  • Tyre Handler Industry
  • Steel & Power Industry