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Greaves Transit Mixture

Greaves Transit Mixture

Concrete Transit Mixer are designed and manufactured for transporting concrete mix from concrete batching plant to the construction site of canals, bridges, highways, dams, buildings, factory sheds etc. Our range of products include : transit mixer, concrete transit mixer, mobile transit mixer etc.

Our clients can avail a wide spectrum of Transit Mixers from us such as Concrete Transit Mixer that is powered by diesel engine of reputed make and designed to be mounted on a standard truck chassis. It offers infinitely varying speed from 0 to 14 rpm in either clockwise or anticlockwise directions. To achieve homogeneity of the and seamless rotation mixer drum rotates on machined ring and efficient charging without segregation and smooth discharge is facilitated by double speed spiral type mixing blade.

The drive to the mixer is through a torsion free drive via oil bath planetary gear system which connects it to the engine. The mixer drum shall be provided with two extra discharge chutes, feed hopper with water duct and ladder. These Concrete Mixers are fitted with a water pump of 400 Ltrs/min. capacity at 3.5 bar pressure. A water tank of capacity 600 Ltrs with a water level indicator is supplied along with the mixer. An oil cooler has been provided in the system for efficient and trouble free working of the mixer.

These machines are known all over the world for their reliability, consistent performance and economy in operation.

Silient Features:-
  • GREAVES Concrete Mixer Model GCM 65 XL has mixer drum made of ST 52.3 having an average shell thickness of 5 mm compared to 4 mm in competition, which is approx 20% more than competition. This higher drum shell thickness gives a longer drum life.
  • GREAVES Concrete Mixer have geometric volume of 12.1 cub meter which is largest in its class of mixers which means that Greaves mixers can carry more concrete without any spillover.
  • GREAVES Concrete Mixer has a drum opening at 1140 mm which is the largest amongst the 6 cum Concrete mixers available in the market and thus our mixer has the fastest discharge and intake rate amongst similar category of transit mixer available in the market.
  • The double helical spiral blades of GREAVES Concrete Mixer have an average height of 410 mm compared to average height of 350 mm for all other competitions presently available in India. The spiral also has a wear protection of 25 x 8 mm which goes a long way in giving a very high life for the mixer blades.
  • The low centre of gravity creates an ideal balanced loads distribution, to obtain very good stability while by narrow bends.
  • Greaves Concrete mixer is provided with Box frame. Frame and supports, designed by Finite Element Analysis ensure proper design and good road adherence, superior maneuverability as well as improved safety.
  • The oil cooler designed as per the usage & convenience ensures that the hydraulic oil remains at optimum temperature so as to avoid damage to other systems.
  • The GREAVES Concrete mixers are painted with two coats of anti-rust paint which is done after Shot blasting of the Mixer drum. The finish painting of Concrete mixer is being done with POLYURETHANE paint which is a scratch proof paint , U V resistant and is durable against cleaning with high pressure water jet.
  • A multipurpose water pump is supplied alongwith the mixer which can also be used for pumping water into the water tank besides cleaning the internal and external surfaces of the mixer.
  • The charging hopper and discharge hopper and discharge chute has a bolted design which helps in easy maintenance and can be easily replaced in case of any physical damage.
  • The charging hopper and discharge chute are given additional wear plates for the longer life