Greaves Light Tandom Roller

GREAVES‘s latest concept for a Light Tandem Roller is the new BW 900-50. Featuring an ecological design and the latest Honda gas engine. Minimal side clearances allow flexible use in confined areas and around obstacles. The water system is very efficient utilizing the large capacity water tank and the pressurized water sprinklers. Safety features include an emergency stop button and versatile lifting and tie down points.

  • Maximum operating weight of 2840 kg.
  • Total applied force of 5.5 Tons on each Drum
  • Drum width of 1200 mm
  • Dual Frequency and Single Amplitude
  • Suitable for operation on both Asphalt & Soil Layers
  • Pressurised Water Sprinkling System (Optional)
Download Light Tandom Roller Broucher
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