Concrete Pump

The range of Concrete Pumps being offered by Greaves includes both the Flat Gate Valve and S Valve models. In addition to providing Flat Gate Valve concrete Pumps to our existing customers, we have a range of S-Valve concrete pumps – GCP 5500, GCP 6500 and GCP 8500 of increasing capacities. The superior S- Valve technology is useful for pumping long distances both horizontally and vertically and large volumes of concrete for heavy duty construction jobs like infra/residential buildings, dams, canals, bridges etc.

  • Globally accepted S valve technology
  • Best solution for skyscrapers, long distance pumping & mass concreting
  • Auto Greasing System as standard fitment
  • Tungsten Carbide wear plates
  • Hard faceable wear plates and cutting rings (optional)
  • Rams designed to withstand high pressure and friction
  • Effective Reverse pumping
  • Safety Feature-Lighting system provided at hopper for GCP 6500 and GCP 8500
  • Chrome plated Concrete cylinders
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